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what we do

You carry responsibility – in a medium-sized company, a successful start-up or a non-profit organisation.

You yearn for an organisation that bursts with vitality and a willingness to change. Or you ask yourself how you can maintain the flexibility and spirit of the early days in your rapidly growing start-up. In this regard you are open for new technologies, such as our Dynamogram Software, that supports you in reaching these goals.

You strive for a culture of achievement distinguished by a focus on outcome, individual responsibility and constructive collaboration across the board.

You understand that digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and Big Data represent a challenge for your company’s business model. You feel that this development is significantly increasing the requirements for constant willingness to change, innovation and lateral thinking.

You wonder how you can actually incorporate this kind of company culture in daily work and maintain it for the long term. You know that management practice plays an essential role in whether such a culture of collaboration is successfully executed on a day-to-day basis.

You realise that your company needs a compass by which to orientate itself for important strategic and operational decisions. Especially in times of upheaval brought about by digitalisation across all industries, rapid growth and a tougher competitive environment, the people in your organisation want to have clarity regarding direction in the longer term. You also understand that it is difficult, particularly now, to gain this important clarity about the future direction of the company.

You are critical towards business consultants. At the same time, you instinctively feel that it can be useful to have an experienced, dependable and credible external sparring partner at your side who is able to make independent assessments. A companion who doesn’t disappear when it comes to creating concepts, but instead takes on shared responsibility for implementing any planned changes.

This is precisely what we do.
Oh, and we are an owner-run business consultancy based in Hamburg.

our themes


Six out of seven employees have no, or very little emotional connection to their company – and this is only getting worse. We help you promote and challenge the talent within your organisation for the benefit of the company. Using our extensive knowledge in personnel and training, we identify how you can gain qualified people for your organisation, as well as how to integrate, retain and develop them further.


More than half of companies have difficulty developing a compelling strategic direction or are dissatisfied with how their strategy is being executed. We work out how you can translate the opportunities and challenges arising from digital transformation into a coherent strategy and a forward-looking business model for your organisation. What’s more, we help you clear away any hidden barriers that stand in the way of implementing your strategy.

Digital Transformation

The fourth industrial revolution is shaking up all existing business models. You understand that you can only overcome this upheaval by allowing room for disruptive thinking. We support you in becoming a dynamic organisation that continuously develops and implements new ideas, turning them into market success. Our Digital Leadership Days tailored to your company make the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation tangible and translate them into new business models.

New Cooperation
We know and can create new forms of collaboration in teams that hide behind the bubbles of "agility" and "new work". We support you in integrating new ways of working into your existing structures and strengthening existing ones where appropriate. Whether scrumboard or gantt chart, it is important to us that we select and test together with you the building blocks that will best help you achieve your goals. We put incentive systems to the test with you and adapt them to the new cooperation. In this way, we anchor the transformation and ensure that it is actually implemented.


Strengthening Teamwork
Working in leadership and self-organizing, cross-functional teams is becoming more important, especially in a global context. We support you in creating an understanding of teamwork that is characterized by personal responsibility and self-discipline in the service of the common cause across country and competence boundaries. Short meetings, transparent web-based platforms and digital communication channels replace long meetings and PowerPoint status reports. Cooperation rules and their monitoring increase efficiency. We provide you with the necessary tools to anchor this team spirit in your company permanently.

The annual costs of poor management amount to around €125 billion in Germany alone. We elaborate how positive management represents economic benefits for your company, becoming your competitive edge. In doing so, we establish a shared understanding of successful management, provide the necessary tool for your managers and identify mechanisms that can be used to sustainably execute the standards of management in your daily business.

Cultural Change

Over 70% of employees name the role model effect provided by their line managers as being a critical factor for the ongoing development of their company culture. We work closely with you to visualise a sustainable change towards a practised culture supported by all stakeholders and elaborate how this change of culture can be communicated in your company.


Only 15% of companies actually achieve their integration goals following a merger or acquisition. We support you in making much-invoked ‘synergy effects’ reality and in creating a stringent business model that is carried by a harmonious, shared company culture.

Company Culture

You realise that the internal constitution of your organisation is critical for its success. We help you to make ‘cultural change’ a tangible theme and design a cultural change process that has a positive and sustainable impact on your organisation’s business figures.

Rapid Growth

A few years ago, you worked meticulously on your business idea and hammered out your plans for the company. Rapid success is now increasing pressure to structure workflows more effectively and scale your business model. To your surprise, employees are now calling for security and clear career paths, while questioning flat hierarchies. We assist you in finding the right balance between necessary order and maintaining the agility that has always characterised your organisation.


Together we identify the right kind of organisation for your needs, primarily distinguished by the vitality of a living organism without neglecting the legitimate need for clear roles and responsibilities. We contribute new and proven organisational models from the digital environment into the discussion in order to find elements for your individual requirements.

This process can be supported by our Dynamogram Software.